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Granite Countertops, we are a one-stop shop and we will work with you in any way that suits you.
1) We will remove and discard your existing countertops
2) Disconnect the stove top and remove the sink.
3) Then the new countertops are installed, back splash and sink.
4) Your new granite countertops are polished and sealed.
Plus, if your needs include cabinets for your new kitchen counters, we also sell wood semi-custom cabinetry up to 70% less than big box stores!

- We only work with full granite slabs.
- San Antonios most experienced granite fabricators
- Full-service slab selection assistance, including help selecting
  the best granite slab and the correct material for the job.
- Higher quality finished product with fewer seams, stronger
  support, better durability, more beautiful finished job.
- Hundreds of kitchen granite colors and styles available.
- Great prices on remnants for vanities.
- Turn-key results

Granite Countertops of San Antonio delivers the finest granite countertops and cabinets at the lowest overall price in the San Antonio Area. Granite Countertops and Custom Cabinets is our families only business, and we have served the San Antonio area for over 10 years. Providing expert design consultation, fabrication and installation of custom granite countertops by a team of skilled and experienced craftsmen.

"We are the lowest price provider of quality Granite Countertops in the San Antonio Area!"

Granite Countertops & 
Custom Cabinets

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your prices so competitive?
When you shop with us you are going directly with the fabricator. Bypassing salesmen, retailers & home improvment stores. You are paying the acutal cost of stone fabrication & installation.

What makes your finished goods better?
We begin by only purchasing material from reputable slab vendors like Young, AG&M and Triton. You get to hand-select the slabs for your project at one of their locations. All of our countertops are cut using a laser-guided bridge saw and manufactured using two Pro-Edge IV automated edge polishers. Our technology provides the best fabrication and polish possible on natural stone. We also have three certified in-house installation teams for consistency and quality control.

What's the difference between fabricating by hand and using automated machinery?
Beware of companies cutting, fabricating and polishing by hand. A component of the hand-method is to use wax to bring out the shine in the edge profile. The wax finish will usually diminish within 6 to 8 months leaving you with a dull finish. Uneven fabrication, bumps and crooked lines are typical with hand methods. Ask your fabricator if they will be fabricating and polishing by hand or by using automated machinery like Park Industries Pro Edge IV or Comandulli.

What is pre-fabricated granite from China?
It is granite pre-cut and fabricated to peices measuring 96" x 25" that are typically used for commercial applications. Seams will not match, it is prone to chipping and cracking which makes it a bad option for home improvement. We allow our customers to hand-select slabs from reputable slab vendors like Young, AG&M and Triton who carry premium grade stones.

What are your affiliations?
We are members of the Marble Institute of America, the authoritative source of information on standards of natural stone workmanship.
Draw your dimensions like the drawing above and e-mail or fax them to us. This will help us determine your total square footage and amount of material required.
What is the difference between "pre-fabricated" and "full slab" countertops?
Pre-fabricated granite is material from China that is cut, polished, & fabricated into small pieces and sold to the public through discount retail outlets. Pre-fabricated material is very porous, susceptible to cracks & color discoloration. The pieces are small and many seams are visible once the installation is complete. Every single piece of granite is from a different part of the quarry so when you install pre-fabricated granite you will have areas that do not match at the seam. This type of granite is commonly seen in commercial projects and is not recommended for custom homes nor home improvement projects. You can also find pre-fabricated material at Big Box Retailers in the metroplex, however these are not to be confused with "Full Slab Countertops." If the price you are being quoted sounds very low, $14 or $20/ Sq.Ft., ask if you are being quoted for pre-fabricated granite.
On the other hand, Full Slab Countertops are made from slabs measuring 50 to 60 Square Feet. The slabs are quarried in many places around the world including Brazil, India, Italy, Pakistan, Russia, Finland, then polished and prepared for shipment across the world. We allow you to hand-pick the slabs for your project at a local granite warehouse. The slabs are custom cut according to the dimensions of your project & fabricated according to your selections. All cutting, fabricating, polishing is done at our fabrication facility.
We only specialize in Full Slab Countertops.

Why should I go directly with the fabricator?
Most contractors, retailers, or salesmen, do not have a fabrication facility meaning they do not cut, fabricate, nor install the product they sell. Rather the project is outsourced to different fabricators & installers. When you go directly with the fabricator you are saving the mark-ups you would otherwise be paying and you know exactly who is responsible from start to finish. Insurance protection & warranty is also provided by the fabricator.

What is a "Group One Category" or "Group One Colors"?
This is a way to describe a group of colors in a certain price range. The quality of the stone does not depend on its Group category.

Why are Group 2, 3, & 4 colors more expensive than Group 1 colors?
The price difference is based solely on the color of the slab and not on the quality of the Granite. Slabs with a lot of movement like Typhoon Bordeaux & Yellow River will have huge waves and beautiful colors and will be in the higher Group Categories. Colors with less movement and uniform patterns will be in the lower categories. (ex. Santa Cecilia, New Caledonia, & Uba Tuba) to see our Group Colors.

What is the difference between 3CM and 2CM Granite?
3CM is 1 1/4" thick and 2CM is 3/4" thick. 3CM is standard for kitchens. 2CM is popular for vanities, table tops, & bars. Actual thickness can vary depending on quarry.

How much will it cost?
The cost of your granite countertops will be based mainly on two things. The amount of square feet your project has & the color of granite you pick. Whether your project will require 1 or 2 slabs can also affect the price. Sinks, Polished Cut Outs & Tear Out and Removal is available.

Can I purchase material directly from stone yards / stone suppliers?
No, stone suppliers like Young, AG&M and Triton etc. only sell to qualified fabricators. All pricing is privy to fabricators. When you visit the stone yard they will not give you pricing but they will tell you the price range of a particular color.

How long will it take?
From the day you pick out material and we make templates, we ask for for a seven day time-frame. This gives us enough time to properly cut, fabricate, & polish the slabs at our facility. An average size kitchen installation is complete in one day. This includes both the tearing out of the old countertops and the installation of the new countertops.

Why Granite?
Granite is very durable and recommended for any countertop surface. It's a natural stone so no two slabs of granite are alike which gives each kitchen a unique and personal touch. Granite countertops also keep their value better than any other home improvement and increase the re-sale value of any home.

Where do we go to view & select material (Granite Slabs, Tile, etc.)?
We are partners with all major stone suppliers in Texas. Our suppliers include: Young, AG&M and Triton. Call us to schedule an appointment to view and select material for your project. You can also stop by any of there slab warehouses to view and hand-select slabs.

Do you install backplashes?
Yes, backplash installation services are available. A backsplash is typically installed 1 to 2 days after the countertop installation. You can pick any type of material including: Tumbled Stone, Travertine, Marble, Slate, Glass, Porcelain, and more!

Do I have to seal my granite countertops?
Sealing granite is optional. However all granites are sealed by us upon installation. Penetrating sealer is used to protect and help prevent staining. Sealing your countertops at least once a year is recommended. Natural stone sealer can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Will my countertops have a seam/joint?
Seam(s) may be necessary depending on countertop layout, slab size, and amount of slabs purchased. Seams are colored to match the color of your granite. So if you have a black colored granite, the seam will also be black.

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